Thursday 13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

A journey on earth doesn't stop with 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Antony and

Cleopatra'. It makes its mark permanently both on screen and in life.

A real drama does stoke the inner fire - be it love at first sight,

star-crossed love or puppy love. It's on emotions which help

identifying your soul mate.

'Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind'

Hence is the choice of the lover's unimaginable. The attractions are

impulsive. The reason will select either the personality or the

status. In love, the 'opposites attract'. The cupid-struck lover's

mind does stand in between the two. Here heart works overtime to
extend a relationship.

'And therefore is wing'd cupid painted blind'. Love does have the

power to dominate the rest.

We have certain unique qualities like energy, intelligence and beauty.

When we miss any, our quest in attaining that starts. We are attracted

to the person, who has got the traits that we long for. It is stated

in the Yin Yang theory as of finding fulfillment in each other's company.

The personality differences in lovers like lean and stout or tall and

short make us unravel the astrological mystery behind the alchemy of

love on the V-Day.


Being adventurous, you take immense pleasure in a dare-devilry act. As

a go-getter, it's not a task to upset the so-called feelings of

others, while removing the cobwebs on the way. Indeed a warrior-like
attitude seems to be rude in the eyes of others. The innate fire seeks
perfection in the contradictory personality.

Partnership Preference:

The romantic and active partner will balance the sturdy Aries.


Your lazy yet lethargic style of work enjoys a 'shy' company. Your

materialism doesn't go so easy with a risk-free zone as 'where there

is muck, there is brass'. Your independent nature doesn't shake hands
with the jovial type.

Partnership Preference:

You are not keen on personality. Have your comfort zone with a rare

combination of calm and strong person.


The restlessness takes you on a free ride to have your finger in every

pie. The fire in you does burn as soon as it's ignited. The novelty

fades away as and when you get bored with the dull monotony. Your
indecisive quality makes you lose opportunities in the way. You turn
to be talkative. It adds energy to your life.

Partnership Preference:

The openness with which you express your heart will attract the bold,

guiding and carefree personality.


You are happy to hold hard-and-fast the traditions, though they don't

match the present climate. You trust the adage, 'Home is where your

heart is'. You love sentimental talk. Due to your unsteady character,
your love needs to be stoked, prodded and rekindled.

Partnership Preference:

You long for a mature relationship. The status doesn't prevent the

progress in making alliance. You expect a partner who doesn't disturb

your freedom yet be supportive.


A vibrant air welcomes you to the world. You call a spade, a spade.

You love to laugh and play with your partner. You act first and think

later, yet trustworthy. You expect your word to be the final statement
in an argument. You are the leader in the relationship. You enjoy
being in the limelight.

Partnership Preference:

A mature, yet docile person will extend a good relation. An

intelligent but a devil-may-care attitude will be preferred in the



The practical approach takes a lead, where emotions take a backseat.

As you are direct and forthright with your partner, there are some

initial hiccups in private life. You are a bit slow in your
relationship. You are frank about what you want. How you convey will
have a final say.

Partnership Preference:

The romantic Pisces will add energy to your love life. A partner with

petty wishes yet possessive will attract you more.


Despite being happy-go-lucky partner, you are serious in your love

affair. It is me-centered. You know how to coax or sweet talk while

seeking your desire. There is commitment in love. It doesn't fade so
soon. The primary concern is your personality.

Partnership Preference:

You expect an active and energetic partner. Personality doesn't take a

crucial part. The mars ruled partner will make for an ideal match.


You attract your partner with a touch of difference in love styles.

The lack-of-trust doesn't allow you to stick to the same. You are more

private in your affair. Money does play a crucial part. You are a
power seeker. The status is preferred than personality.

Partnership Preference:

You go fine with the charming, broad-minded and optimistic type.


You seek adventure in love. You are honest in asking your needs. There

is a tinge of philosophy in your poetry. A generous give and take will

pepper your relationship. The in-your-face approach in seeking thrill
will at times call negative replies.

Partnership Preference:

You seek intelligent partner and those who talk on romance will

attract in relationship. The tactless, yet honest demands will pay



There is me-centered love in your world. A mature approach to life

finds inner peace and harmony. A clinically detached outlook to love

life doesn't make any impact. Despite being a full-rounded individual,
you prefer only a calculated risk. You are happy with what you have.

Partnership Preference:

A happy, social type will satisfy the needs. The conservative yet

protective mate will attract the introvert Capricorn.


As a hard-core fan of modernity, you appreciate everything new on

earth. A loner, yet, you extend a friendly gesture to those who come

across. Being an independent person, you feel immense pride in your
unique views. There is inconsistency as far as the relationship is
concerned. A game of tug-of-war is felt with in the emotional area.

Partnership Preference:

The partner from a good social status who dominates will be perfect in alliance.


Being an escapist, you grow insensitive to other's issues. Your

creativity grows in your mood swings. You indulge pleasure in

nitpicking and networking. You suffer from low self-esteem. Hence is
your preference for staying aloof.

Partnership Preference:

The quality that hooks your interest in somebody is the wise individual.



The first half of the year doesn't render fruits to your love life, if

you are not settled. In the middle, it starts picking up. It is time

to start afresh.


There are surprises ahead of in your personal front. Be ready to say

'yes', when there is a proposal. Remember, 'Time and Tide waits for no



At present, there is no lonely hour, as you often felt in the past. It

is a moment to learn the art of love-making. It'll last long, if you



Your rational approach will take a backseat to say 'hello' to romance.

You feel the thrill in this new territory. As it is fresh for you,

there is no go back afterwards.


As far as the romantic part is concerned, you start very slow. It gathers

momentum in a long run. It does have the vibration to make a happy



You seek adventures in love life. The thrill in taking risks may take

a long journey. 'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush', will tell

your future.


How long can you wait to taste your love life? The moment, at your

hand, does carry the answer with it. Don't allow yourself to get

distracted from what you want.


There is confusion in your emotional area, whether you are right or

wrong. It is to be remembered that the time sets right the things

gradually. Do what your heart desires.


It's your principle to count the stars and not to count the blessings

you have in hand. It goes unnoticed, when there is a change in your

love life. Try your luck and see what happens.


A tension-filled moment awaits you in the romantic area. Your long

lone search for a passionate love doesn't yield a good result. It is

not a right time to settle down.


A roller-coaster ride is ahead of you in love. You will forget the 

rest of the world except the thing 'love'. You feel light as if you

were flying in air.


There is a discontentment in your romantic side. The reality doesn't

suit, what you dream of in your waking life. There is a mismatch, yet

be brave enough to say 'yes' to the gift the sky offers.

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